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The Latest Word (June, 2015)
The Latest Word (June, 2015)

May was busy and we barely kept track of everything we sent out into the field.  June now begins and we’re waiting on sheet metal shipments and funding–a slow start. Everyone feels good about the work we’ve done to date and some statistics are beginning to emerge:

56 tons of metal sheeting have been delivered.

16 tons of rice, dal, and cooking oil.

Over 1000 families covered and sheltered with metal sheeting.  

We can’t sit around and wait for India to decide when to ship metal to Nepal so we’re moving forward.  For June, we plan the following:

–Head out to Sindhupalchowk with a Nepali engineer to discuss with villagers how best to re-purpose their rubble to construct  more earthquake resistant structures.  The government subsidy for reconstructing destroyed homes is woefully inadequate–we saw this coming.  Villagers are simply going to rebuild their homes the same way and with the same materials unless we can give them the means to tweak their methods to add strength.

—Begin village-based disaster prep. Starting with school presentations, we will seek to identify village resources, assign disaster roles and explore the feasibility of disaster cache’s while teaching basic first response skills.   We did this 15 years ago with sanitation and it seemed to work well.  Above all, we teach self-reliance and to absolutely not wait for the government to send help.

–Sanitation.  This is our area.  We’ll scout the adequacy of currentt/destroyed latrines and establish latrine capacity needs.  Villagers dig, line and cover the structures themselves.

–Continue sheet metal deliveries as supplies free-up and expand the use of our new coupon system ( pictured above).  This has been a wild success and has allowed villagers to access sheet metal locally while saving us money and the very real potential of road-hijacking during transport.

–Deliver our ever-expanding supply of tarps (Thanks Justin Langford, Sparks Fire Department, Minden and Douglas Fire, and the people of Central Nevada).  Tarps are a quick, emergency give, so we will wait until the monsoon hits and distribute.  They don’t last long, but will be vital for the first few weeks of rains.

So, watch this space for updates.





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  1. admin says:

    So, here we are on June 3 and our sheet-metal holding pattern goes like this:

    Booth TeeterS: 75 bundles for Melamchi
    New volunteer Leslie Brown (Welcome, now hurry up and wait, right?) 125 Bundles for Dailekh
    Himalayan Aid: 400 bundles for Pisgar and Duskhun.

    600 bundles = 4800 sheets x $7 per sheet = $33,600; less Booth and Leslie’s anticipated donor contributions of $9000. We need to come up with around $24,600.

  2. admin says:

    Booth delayed one day due to morning rains. He’s paid Shiva, our metal distributor, and is ready to try again tomorrow.

    Special thanks to Sunil Rijal and the team of software developers at Softnep for our new facebook site.

    Gov’t just cut off the duty-free status of large aid shipments. We’ll work with individual deliveries and avoid the 20-30% compounded import/VAT taxes.

  3. admin says:

    Oof. Another little 4.2 shaker at 4 p.m. today. I didn’t feel it but the boys in the lobby said it shook the light fixtures pretty good.

    After the 7.4 aftershock a few weeks ago, I began to sleep fully clothed, shoes opened and ready by my bedside, and a “go” bag packed by the door. I still do. Unnerving.

  4. admin says:

    Volunteer update:

    Booth Teeters just returned from delivering metal sheeting for 75 families in Kavrepalchowk. Nice Job.

    Leslie Brown successfully delivered a load of women’s “dignity packs” to Dailekh. Gov’t officials were stopping any shipments accompanied by a white face so Leslie stayed back and let her Nepali team finish the job.

    Jamie Purdy arrives tomorrow at 8 pm.

    Cody Rients arrives on Thursday at 9 am.

  5. admin says:

    Booth looking for donors. Check out his “Teeter’s tribe” Facebook page. This is the Himalayan Aid model in action. We stand behind individual efforts and provide expertise, logistical support and financing where possible.

    Daisy Purdy is on the ground in Nepal now. She just left for the airport to pick up here partner Cody.

    WE are going to Sindhupalchowk tomorrow for an assessment of sheet metal usage and to drop off Daisy and Cody for their assessment trek that will finish above Mude at Nigale.

    Pisgar/Duskhun supervisor and overall village leader Shiva Kharki just left our office in Kathmandu with 100 more coupons for 100 bundles of metal sheeting. He’ll distribute today.

  6. admin says:

    Monsoon coming in a few days. Daisy and Cody are out on an assessment trek below Nigale in Sindhu. Hope they make it back safely in a few days. Ace guide Min at the helm–none better in the Himalayas.

    20 more bundles of sheet metal ordered for Booth; 125 bundles ordered for Leslie.

    Oof again. 5.3 aftershock in the middle of the night, centered in Nagarkot. That one woke me up.

    Cherie returns from Gorkha on Sunday and will relay here experiences working with the semi-effective bureaucratic mess that is the WFP. Bringing Amy Prevatt, consultant for WFP over for coffee to see if there’s a plan for local sourcing once they get to Sindhu.

  7. admin says:

    Sheet metal shipments are freed-up. Leslie ups her order to 375 bundles. Booth has paid for his 20 and will deliver on Sunday.

    Cody and Daisy have supplied some amazing data from previously un-visited Attapur and Thulo Dhading and we’ll be contacting the VDC chairman in those district to arrange sheet metal delivery.

    Schools everywhere are a complete mess, so this will be part of our reconstruction effort for the fall. We are also hotly developing our Village-based disaster preparedness instruction for local school teaching.

    Monsoons arriving today. No time for formal latrine digging. We’ll send boys out to instruct on “dash” latrines to supplement existing village units where needed.

  8. admin says:

    Sheet metal deliveries finally coming! This should make Booth and Leslie happy.

    New partners Siv and Elisa taking on a school re-build out near Sankhu. Clean water systems and an emphasis on women’s hygiene. Well done. Our ace guide Naren will handle procurement and project oversight.

    Deepak and I just got back from school reconstruction scouting out in Sindhu. Lots of children learning out in the open. Schools will be our main focus after the monsoon. For now, we keep up the sheet metal juggernaut. Almost 1800 families completed.

    Back in the States July 1 and will be transporting tarps and meeting with donors and supporters.


  9. admin says:

    Just arrived back in the states. Time to do what white people do best: fund raise. That’s not all of it, entirely; we also excel at moving materials around and irritating people until we get our way. All of this is planned over the next few months as well as school refurbishing near Sankhu and a sheet metal delivery to one of the most inaccessible areas of Nepal so watch for the July version of the “Latest Word.” June version signing off. j

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